A Tale of Two Kindergarten Teachers: what it means to center on the needs of the learner

O-sensei was lovely. She played the piano exquisitely. Her activities ran like clockwork, and when speaking to the room, she was warm and radiated intelligence in a way that reassured us that she knew what she was doing. My son, Dana, had drawn a picture of our family that was posted on the wall. Strangely, Dana’s picture did not look like a cloud of truck exhaust fumes.


Embracing Your Four-Year Career

But I love my job, and I want to keep it! I always tell teachers that they need to think like managers, to try toconceptualize the decisions that they make in the room, and the larger curriculum decisions that they make, in terms of how those decisions fit within the context of the larger institution. In […]


Past Participles, Have You Ever (Game)…Lesson

Here is a lesson by Sarvajit Patil with contributions by Grant Backes on teaching the present perfect/past participles and practicing using “Have you ever….?” The crux of the lesson being a game that encourages students to use the above question to ask and share experiences with classmates. Click the links for lesson plans. Lesson Plan […]